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Cardiac Monitoring Services


C&P Medical offers cardiac monitoring services nationwide. As a diagnostic scanning service option, C&P Medical will provide your facility with digital Holter and/or 30-day cardiac event recorders with no capital outlay! 

As your Holter service provider, C&P Medical provides state-of-the-art digital Holter technology and supplies to meet the needs of your medical practice.  In addition, our proprietary Holter upload software program allows the capability to securely upload your Holter data within minutes via a high-speed Internet connection.  Our service solution is proven the quickest and easiest way to meet the demanding needs of today‚Äôs busiest practices.  

As your 30-day cardiac event service provider, C&P Medical provides digital 30-day cardiac event technology and supplies to meet the needs of your medical practice. Upon symptomatic events, your patient immediately calls our monitoring center's 24-hour service and transmits the stored ECG over any telephone. The recorder memory is than erased from the recorder, and the patient can continue to record any future events. The patient will get immediate, one-on-one service with a human, not a machine!

With these capabilities, you are GUARANTEED your Holter reports within 24 hours and your Event reports immediately.  C&P Medical takes pride in providing the highest level of technology, accuracy, results and services to meet the needs of our physicians and their patients.  Our qualified personnel take your patients very seriously!


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